Get ready to carve out a slice of your Sunday for some serious laughter, enlightenment, and maybe even a health revelation or two! 🌟 We’re over the moon to announce that Clayton Thomas is gracing us on The Lourdes And Chris Show. Trust me when I say, Clayton’s stories and insights are the kind you don’t hear every day – from navigating health in the age of COVID and deciphering the healthcare matrix, to the golden nuggets on how maintaining health can actually be your next big income stream.

What is Option C, and why is it life-saving? Lourdes and Chris discuss Option C's philosophy, how it saved Lourdes' life, and how it can save yours.

Megan’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. With a foundation rooted in biology, specifically in the complex world of molecular genetics, she has carved a unique path that bridges the gap between rigorous scientific research and compelling, accessible storytelling. As the powerhouse behind WayMark Productions, LLC, Megan is not just about creating content; she's on a mission to revolutionize how we engage with and understand health issues, particularly those touching the lives of individuals battling health afflictions like cancer.

Turbo cancer does not have to be a thing, no matter the cause! If you or a family member or friend are facing this, read below! 👇
👉Cancer Survivor and Hollywood actress Lourdes Lavoy with her husband Chris Lavoy, and actor Esai Morales (Mission Impossible bad guy 😉)
Meet my friends and award-winning actress Lourdes Lavoy and Mission Impossible star Esai Morales!
Lourdes & Chris Lavoy are keynote speakers on The Truth About Cancer and Trinity Health Freedom Expos, including The Truth About Cancer documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest PLUS Lourdes' personal documentary film Create Option C: My Journey With Cancer.
Mission Impossible star Esai Morales is a best friend and staunch advocate for Lourdes' mission to help all cancer patients by restoring the body. Esai is a producer of Lourdes' documentary Create Option C.