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🌱 Ever been fascinated by how a tiny seed knows exactly how to grow into a mighty tree? That same brilliance lies within our bodies, too! As a Naturopathic Practitioner, unpacking those secrets gives me LIFE! 🌟 Let's keep learning the rules of health togetherβ€”it's in understanding these basics that we maintain our best selves. Imagine mastering the art of wellness as easily as you breathe! #Naturopathy #BodyWisdom #HealthEducation #LearningJourney

Let's talk about a fascinating universe within us – the Microbiome. Envision an ecosystem of 100 trillion cells constituting good bacteria that's pivotal to our wellness. 🌱 It's like a vast, bustling city where each inhabitant plays a crucial role in keeping the harmony. And guess what fuels this magnificent metropolis? Plant-based organic foods! πŸ₯¦ When we juice or munch on raw vegan delights, it's not just our taste buds that rejoice. Our bodies begin to flourish in ways we can feel - and it's all backed by the wisdom of nature. Having overcome cancer naturally, I know the profound impact diet can have on health. Here's to raw, organic plant power fueling our internal cosmos! 🌟 #MicrobiomeMagic #PlantBasedPower

I did Option C when it came to my daughter.

After facing the hardest decision of my life, I trusted in the body's ability to heal naturally and saved my daughter. Nature's supplements made a difference, and I believe in the power of holistic healing. Learn more at Click here.

I just wanted to share a personal victory from back in 2014 – after challenging traditional medical opinions and advocating fiercely, my prescribed combo of fish oil, diuretics, and electrolytes helped us achieve the unbelievable. It was quite the journey, full of learning and insistence on what felt right.

She had what they called doll eyes. Her pupils didn't respond to light. She showed no reaction to pain. Her eyes didn't blink when the nurse touched the surface eye. Her eyes didn't move when the medical staff would move my daughter's head. But I still had hope. I knew with all my soul that this would bring her back. After three weeks, she was showing some improvements and was moved to another room and out of the ICU, though still in a vegetative state. By the 4th week, she was sent to another hospital where she learned how to eat. During the third month, she spoke and went through physical therapy to learn how to walk. She did have what they call drop foot. She had a particular shoe made for her right foot. She couldn't straighten her right hand, so she used a brace. With time, she was walking with a cane. She no longer needed her wheelchair. These events all happened within nine months. She is now all well and good. Everything is possible if you fight for what you know is possible. Option C is always my option.

In life's darkest moments, we often discover our true strength. The news of my daughter's condition was devastating – the prognosis bleak. But when one becomes a warrior for their loved ones, no odds seem insurmountable. Armed with faith in natural healing and in-depth research on the body's capabilities, I embarked on an unwavering mission. The power of nature's supplements became my arsenal in this battle for life, pinning hope against the losses promised by machines and white matter gone. Our journeys often take unexpected turns, and while the road to recovery is never guaranteed, trust in the body's innate resilience can sometimes lead to miracles. Let's continue to educate ourselves on the full potential of natural health. 🌿 #NaturalHealing #Hope

Let's dive deep into the sea of wellness, where Omega-3 fatty acids are like the superheroes of nutrition! 🌟 These fantastic fats, found in fish oil or flaxseed oil, are more than just a health trend; they're essential for a flourishing life. As an actress and Naturopathic Practitioner, I've seen the dramatic effects on brain health firsthand – like boosting memory and reducing stroke risks. 🧠 Plus, they're a natural anti-inflammatory powerhouse. For your heart, they're as supportive as the tight-knit cast of an award-winning movie. And when it comes to mood? They're the feel-good scene we all crave. πŸ“ˆ But wait, there's more: Omega-3s nourish your skin, sharpen your vision, and even support fertility. So here’s my personal advice: Embrace these wondrous oils and enjoy a leading role in your health story!