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Learning daily is our goal. It is important to be on top of the latest breakthroughs on information on how our bodies work. It is in the learning and understanding these basic rules that we  will always be on top of staying healthy. 

One of the latest things is the Microbiome. When you get that we are made up of 100 trillion cells of good bacteria (Microbiome) you start to understand why plantbased organic foods helps us feel so good. When we juice or eat raw organic vegan plantbased foods our bodies start to thrive. 

I did Option C when it came to my daughter.

As my daughter was being kept alive by machines I had to get into save mode and put all worries and fears aside. It was one of the hardest things to do as I listened to the doctor tell me that she was clinically brain dead and that all her white matter was gone. I got very clear that no matter how much they were being very convincing that the machines should be turned off and let nature take its course and allow her death. I was clear through my own research and experience about the body's ability to heal itself given the right saturation of certain supplements from nature that I can and will save my daughter. I did just that.

I instructed the head doctor what I wanted done. It wasn't without a fight with the medical establishment that I finally got the head doctor to listen to my reasoning. At this point we had nothing to lose and a lot to learn and gain. With my instructions they followed with much hesitation she was given 20 grams of fish oil through her feeding tube once a day along with a diuretic and some electrolytes. I also instructed them to get her off these high pain prescription meds they had her on as I was clear not only was it not necessary but there would be no way for her to wake up with that in her system. Within 8 days of giving her 20 grams of fish oil she opened her eyes. We continued the protocol.

She had what they called doll eyes. Her pupils didn't respond to light. She showed no reaction to pain. Her eyes didn't blink when the eye surface was touched. Her eyes didn't move when her head was moved. But I still had hope. I knew with all my soul that this would bring her back. After 3 weeks she was showing some improvements and was moved to another room and out of ICU though still in a vegetative state. By the 4th week she was sent to another hospital where she learned how to eat. On the third month she was speaking and going through physical therapy to learn how to walk. She did have what they call drop foot. She had a special shoe made for her right foot. She couldn't straighten out her right hand either so she had to use a brace. With time she was walking with a cane she no longer needed her wheelchair. This all happened within nine months. She is now all well and good. Everything is possible if you fight for what you know is possible. Option C is always my option. 

Some benefits to omega 3 fatty acids. (Fish Oil or Flax seed oil)

Great for brain health Great anti-inflammatory Good for the heart Great for mood Good for skin, eyes, and fertility Improves memory known to reduce risk of stroke and improve blood flow to the brain. 
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